Grand Piano
Grand Piano
Welcome to Howes Piano Co.
If you own or want to own a National Player Piano, Classic Player Piano, Universal Player Piano, Story and Clark Player Piano, Nickelodeon, Square Grand, or Reed Organ, come join our family!
Established in 1899, Howes Piano, through four generations, has become distinguished as one of the foremost experts in the nation on these instruments.
Howes Piano has repaired, restored, or built thousands of Players and Nickelodeons over the years. These units are now located throughout the nation and in several foreign countries.
Chuck Howes working on a piano
Chuck Howes, our President, is a 1972 Graduate of Aeolian University. Chuck has over forty years of experience in the piano business, and is currently grooming the next generation to carry on Howes Pianos.
Not only do we buy, restore, and sell these heirlooms, we will repair or refinish your prized instrument.
We also supply custom parts to piano technicians the world over, so if your piano is in need of replacements for missing or damaged parts, have your service company call us; we can build what your instrument needs. We are happy to work with your piano technician in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Howes Piano provides a full ten-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship on everything we sell!
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