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Howes Player Pianos
Howes Piano Company offers complete repair, restoration, and refinishing for any manufacturer's Player Pianos.
Is your Player Piano getting hard to play? Is it missing notes? The problem may be in your pneumatic action. Howes Piano Company specializes in diagnosis and repair, or replacement, of pneumatic systems. If your pneumatic action is worn beyond repair or has numerous internal leaks, our Howes Pneumatic System will replace any system, in any cabinet.

A Howes-serviced foot pump system in action.
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We can make your hard to play foot pump instrument electrically powered.
- OR -
Maybe you'd just like to electrify your Player so that you can enjoy the music occasionally while you're busy doing other things. You'll still have your foot pump mechanism for special, nostalgic occasions, but why forgo the enjoyment of the music when you don't want to sit and operate the foot pump?

Call today for a free estimate for any work you may be contemplating.

We will also install a player system in your existing piano. You choose whether you want a foot pump action, electric, or both. Call us to discuss this idea!

Howes Piano participates in transportation costs for all major work.

Established in 1899, Howes Piano is a four-generation family business.
We specialize in National Player Pianos, Classic Player Pianos, Universal Player Pianos, Story and Clark Player Pianos, Nickelodeons, Square Grands, and Reed Organs.
We offer Piano Sales, Heirloom Piano Restoration, Custom Piano Parts Manufacturing, and Custom Cabinet Refinishing.
Howes Piano Company warrants all products and services for a full ten years against defects in materials or workmanship.
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