Grand Piano
For Piano Technicians
If you have customers for specialty unit repairs but can't find parts, we are the supplier you've been looking for.

Additionally, Howes Piano has trained many techs over the years who have gone on to become the preeminent Player techs in their own regions. Chuck Howes, himself, is a graduate of Aeolian University, Class of 1972.

He spent ten years and over a half-million dollars developing what we believe is the finest universal replacement unit for player mechanisms available; we custom build every one for the specific piano in which it will be installed.

Chuck Howes explains the pneumatic player action.
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NOTE: This system will replace even the most difficult systems - including Gulbransen, Brinkerhoff, and H.C. Bay.

With over 1,000 of these installed since 1977, we have received only one returned because of a defect.

We also custom build Nickelodeons (or design the system and provide you with blueprints and parts), incorporating the specific percussion system your client wants.

Want to convert a customer's standard piano to a Player/Nickelodeon? We can help - with parts, design, and know-how.

Whether you've worked on these Players all your life or are looking at your first job, CALL US, we will help!


Established in 1899, Howes Piano is a four-generation family business.
We specialize in National Player Pianos, Classic Player Pianos, Universal Player Pianos, Story and Clark Player Pianos, Nickelodeons, Square Grands, and Reed Organs.
We offer Piano Sales, Heirloom Piano Restoration, Custom Piano Parts Manufacturing, and Custom Cabinet Refinishing.
Howes Piano Company warrants all products and services for a full ten years against defects in materials or workmanship.
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